Futuroscopio is a playful tool, shaped as a tabletop game, to facilitate prognosis of multiple futures, allowing crews of explorers (players) to anticipate forthcoming scenarios in a fun way.

Futuroscopio, tabletop version

Futuroscopio has both, a physical tabletop game version, and a digital game version made in Unity for mobile devices, with instant online gameplay!

Futuroscopio, digital version

With Futuroscopio you can create playful design sessions or workshops in which participants seek for, brainstorm, and discuss current societal challenges, as well as they propose and design solutions to them, while evaluating possible implications and consequences. All in the shape of a collaborative game.

Check the bachelor thesis in Game Development by Joanna Gladh, for details about the digital Futuroscopio: Converting a Tabletop Serious Game Into a Digital Version

This project is part of MAU’s Game Lab, as well as part of a PhD thesis by our visiting researcher Diego Alatorre.