COG 21 Competition Results

1st prize: NEBOT

2nd prize: Five Man Mid

3rd prize: deserted

All participants will receive a participation certificate. The 3rd prize was deemed deserted. A red-line was set so that a participant had to score at least one victory against Built-in Bots to be able to step onto the podium.

Above are the results from the COG 21 competition.

Each participant faced a bot team named Built-in Bots five times per each of the game’s difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. A total of 15 battles per participant.

The table shows the number of won (W) and lost (L) matches, as well as the average/max/min times scored by participants to either win (W) or lose (L), aggregated per difficulty.

Extra info shows the number of last hits (killing blows), kills, deaths, and assists.

We received three participants with the following rosters:


MID: Venomancer
SAFE LANE (bot): Crystal Maiden and Dragon Knight
OFFLANE (top): Pugna and Jakiro


ALL MID: Axe, Juggernaut, troll warlord, Underlord, and BrewMaster

Five Man Mid

MID: Beastmaster
SAFE LANE (bot): IO and Luna
OFFLANE (top): Jakiro and Viper

Built-in Bots (picked based on possible top-picks in

MID: Shadow Fiend
OFFLANE (bot): TideHunter and Bristleback
SAFE LANE (top): Phantom Assassin and Sven

Congrats to all participants! Looking forward to the next Dota 2 AI Competition. Stay tuned for more news!