Student Games

3rd year Game Development students team up to design and develop game prototypes every year, during the course Game Engine Driven Product Development.

These games are developed by 4-6 students during the 20 weeks of the autumn semester, from the original game idea to its presentation at Game Habitat’s Dev Hub.

Here is a curated selection of game trailers from the past course iterations.


by Victor Enhörning, Carl-Magnus Embring Klang, Filip Moreau , Gustav Jernryd, Mattias Ståhlberg, and Patrick Perdomo (2021), available on

Everyone Must Die

by Viktor Rörlien, Johan Andersson, Nils Brundin, Daniel Lind, Adam Ovilius, Mikolaj Trojanowski, and Minos Stavroulakis (2021), mentored by Bruce Kelly (Twitter)


by Nils Hansson, Oscar Porenius, Mats Nygård, David Nilsson, Daniel Fornell, and Albin Esko (2021), mentored by Ólafur Waage (Twitter). Game available at

Get Crackin

by Erik Broman, Sandra Jönsson, Daniel Nagy, Frederik Eckeroth, Jenny Johannesson, and Emma-Sophie Andersen (2021)

The Adventures of Captain Seasick

by Johan Fritiofsson, Axel Hammer, Jesper Larsson, Kevin Magnusson, and Otto Karlsson Hellström (2021)


by Simon Tolinsson, Anton Hallqvist, Alexander Flodhag, John Holmberg, Adrian Carlström (2020)

Hide and Hunt

by Victor Berger Grönros, Tim Johansson, Viktor Olsson, Jasmine Steen, Awni Hamadeh, Jacob Behm (2019)


by Felix Helgesson, Simon Rosengren, Martin Molin, Emil Petersson, Peter Fagervall, Jesper Vallett (2018)


by Oliver Nyholm, Henrik Phan, Kamilia Sleiman, Christofer Malmberg, Henrik Norinder, Balder Christensen (2017)


by Patrik NIlsson, Simon Bothén, Anton Svensson, Tim Lindstam (2017)